Critica di Luciano Lepri

You can always count on the Chianciano Art Biennale to deliver wonderful surprises.  As for the 2013 show, Annarita Graziano is precisely one of those and certainly worth mentioning.

Following in the footsteps of what was once avant-guarde but is now wholly revered, Graziano displays works in which the power of colour, or more precisely the power of colours blending into each other, overlapping and passing across one another, is combined with the dynamism of the stroke, the liberty of invention and with pure artistic creativity. This results in paintings that let the beholder’s eye move freely through swirls of colour arranged with clear structural composure. I think these paintings are testaments to the passionate nature, the vitality and the poetic essence of Graziano’s work. They are inscribed with her being both a woman and an artist at the same time and with the emotional intensity that constitutes her own inner world. They reach a dreamlike and otherworldly dimension that makes her work enjoyable even if her creative process is utterly tormented, as we can detect from looking at her work; yet this torment is tempered by the artist’s poetic streak.

To summarise, Graziano's painting impressed me because of the illusion of motion it conveys, because of the beauty of colours, because of the dynamism those colours passing across each other create, because of those drippings that reveal the artist’s value and standing. Not only does Graziano use painting to communicate the beauty of colours, she also succeeds in turning painting into an instrument to touch our hearts.

Luciano Lepri